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The world evolue and I with. Of a fictitious glance, I advance(move) on a certain future. By entering on the site, you penetrate into the sacred domain, into the highly-rated without hypocrisy of a human being.

Second lesson: Metal mask

Of the garbage can in the sheet(leaf) of tole galvanized, I defoule me, by cutting, by punching. The thirst to mark my existence by my passage on earth(ground).

Of the royal palm tree I pull(fire) the jagua or the popôt to make masks. It is a tree of which we eat the heart, which feeds pigs and which allows to build houses.

The crafts anteroom of the art, Made with the wood of copses, cork and isorel while keeping (guarding) the traditions afro-Indian which used seeds, semilles, leather small strips.

Fourth lesson : Artisanat

A new experience for a former technique, always on some metal. Engrave to color on a black bottom to highlight the yin and the yang of every detail.

La prieuse



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