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Guestbook of Jean Philippe Moiseau
Thanks to all those who left a track of their passage...
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Macken - 25/03/2006
Jean Philippe,
Je ne sais pas si t'as recu mon email, Sosso sait si tu peux l'appeller elle est au canada pour le moment.
Moiseau, tes oeuvres sont vraiment explendide je savais un jour que tes peintures sera ....
Cherestal - 20/03/2006

Dear JP Moiseau

I was around to look in your page, good job man I will talk to you soon.
peter - 03/02/2006
I am very happy to see your site,your are a good style,your are in a wonderfull way take your time and you are going to win,congratulations moiseau.


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